An interview with Lorhana Amaral

A TV journalist, a host of entertainment shows and music events, an actress and a blogger. She likes skateboarding and riding rollerblades. She loves art. She supports charities, but at the same time would really love to play a villain in a Brazilian soap opera. Straight from Rio de Janeiro – Lorhana Amaral. We talk not only about her career, but also about Brazilian music, telenovelas and the upcoming Olympic Games.


RT: It’s summer, so let me ask you about working for TV in the summer. Have you ever had any surprises, funny situations happening outside when you were making summer TV shows? 

Lorhana Amaral: Yes, when I make an interview with someone, different situations happen. For example, I once went to interview a tourist in São Conrado, Rio de Janeiro, and suddenly there came a family from Bahia and began to dance axé behind my interlocutor, making din and jumping. It was very funny, so I burst into a fit of laughter and my interview was over!

Talking about summer, what are the summer music hits in Brazil this summer? What kind of music are Brazilians listening to?

Here, in Brazil, I work as a host of shows and big events, and from what I’ve seen in 2016, the main hits are deephouse, electronica, axe, backlands music, fitdance, funk and forro. But the other hits such as pop, rock and samba songs are classics that we always listen to on a daily basis.

Do you remember the first TV show you hosted? What was it? How did you feel?

I’ve participated in several television shows as an actress, model and reporter. Now, as a host, the first time I made a formal presentation was a show with a singer Fagner, a star of the great classics of MPB (“Brazilian pop musica”, “trend in post-bossa nova urban popular music in Brazil that revisits typical Brazilian styles, combining them with foreign influences, like elements of jazz or rock”, as Wikipedia explains – RT.) At that moment, I felt very happy, but at the same time I knew that was a huge responsibility. I was also nervous, because that was my first such an experience – sharing a stage with a star.

You make a lot of interviews. Who’s been you favourite guest so far?

Yes, I interview a lot of people. I talk to celebrities and famous stars. I’ve also made many corporate interviews, within Brazil and abroad. Now, an artist I really liked to interview was a musician and composer Carlos Colla – a composer of great classic hits of Roberto “King” Carlos.

Do you have a dream interview? If you could choose any person in the world, who would you like to talk to?

Yes, I have a dream interview. If we talk about Brazil, that would be an interview with a presenter Silvio Santos or a newscaster William Bonner. As for international interlocutors, that would be the President of the United States Barack Obama. I’d like to hit an informal, relaxed conversation, so that people could know them better, see them outside their work.


What do Brazilian viewers like watching on TV? What are their favourite shows?

Here, in Brazil, peple enjoy watching soap operas, sitcoms, movies, entertainment shows, reality shows and cooking shows. As for the last ones, I had a chance to take part in one of them. I participated in a reality show called “Jogo de Panelas” (in English that would be ”Pots Game”) on “Mais Você” (Globo television) (the photo below).


You’re also an actress. What are your most important roles?

Yes, I also work as an actress. I’ve done some commercials for television, I’ve worked as an actress in some plays in Rio de Janeiro, attended some TV shows on Multishow Globo and has acted in short and medium length films. However, I don’t consider myself a good actress, not really!

And what role, what character would you like to play?

I would like to be a villain in a telenovela, an athlete or a Rock’n’roll star. That would be awesome!

So, TV series or movie producers, if you’re reading this interview, you know what to do 😉 Brazilian soap operas are very popular in many countries, in Poland too. Why do you think people like them so much?

Because they portray the reality of day to day life. We, Brazilians, identify with what they show and enjoy watching them. It’s absolutely normal to follow your favourite telenovelas. In Brazil, it’s a real fever!

You support a lot of charities. Can you say a few words about it?

Yes, I work in a charity cultural production area, because I love to help others! Here, in Brazil, I’m developing a project called MUSICAL SHOW: Series Bossa Nova. This project is divided into series, and I aim at helping needy institutions such as, among others, orphanages, hospitals, cancer treatment facilities. The first project I’ve prepared, will take place on 8 – 19 September at the Municipal Theater of Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’m still looking for sponsors and supporters to realize the project. Whoever is interested in supporting us, please contact me by e-mail:

And what do you like doing in your free time?

I love going to the movies, playing sports, dancing and singing. I love training at the gym all week, playin tennis at weekends, riding a skateboard and rollerblades when I have some time, too. But I also love art in general. I’m always present at art events, theater plays, fashion shows and exhibitions.


We’re talking before the Olympic Games, so let me ask you a few questions about this celebration of sport. What are Brazilian people expecting from this event?

We have great renowned athletes, devoted to what they do, and we believe they will certainly present us with gold medals.

Are there any sportsmen and sportswomen people count on most? What are Brazilians’ medal hopes?

I can name a few: Arthur Zanetti (gymnast), Neymar (football player), Thaísa Menezes (volleyball player), Ana Marcela Cunha (swimmer), Mayra Aguiar (judoka), Bruno Fratus (swimmer), Marcus Vinicius D’Almeida (recurve archery), Eduarda “Duda” Amorim (handball player), Marcelo Melo (tennis player), Martine Grael (sailor), among others.

In Poland, Brazil is known mostly for football and volleyball. Some people know also capoeira and BJJ. What are, apart from football, the most popular sports disciplines in Brazil?

We also enjoy, surfing, tennis, basketball, horse riding, swimming, boxing, golf, handball, rugby, to mention just a few.

And who are the most popular sports stars in Brazil?

The most popular stars are, among others, Neymar (football player), tennis players Marcelo Melo and Bruno Soares, Ricardo Santos and Emanuel Rego (both are beach volleyball players).

One of the ‘hottest’ news is the International Olympic Committee’s decision to disqualify Russian sportsmen and sportswomen using doping from the Olympic Games. What do Brazilians think about it?

We think it’s the right decision, because if the members of the Committee don’t have the right attitude and take the right decisions in accordance with the regulations of the organization, everything will turn joke, and nothing will be taken seriously, it will be a huge disrespect for other athletes who don’t use doping.

And what is your favourite sport? What will you watch during the Olympic Games?

I love playing tennis. Recently, I’ve been also trying some surfing. As for the Olympic Games, I’ll watch volleyball.

Will you have a chance to watch the Olympic Games live?

Yes, I will attend the opening of the Olympic Games and volleyball matches.


The last question will be completely different. What are three things everyone visiting Brazil for the first time should do?

See the statue of Christ the Redeemer, go to Lapa and enjoy the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

Thank you very much for the talk.

Interview by Łukasz Garbol, July 2016

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