14) An interview with Catherine Mary Stewart about “Night of the Comet” (Cult Movies #1)


This time I’m bringing you a different kind of interview – the first one, in what will hopefully become a new cycle, devoted to cult movies. I’m starting with someone absolutely special – Catherine Mary Stewart. She’s one of my most favorite actresses ever and a person who definitely knows a lot about cult movies (she’s played in quite a few of them, including The Last Starfighter, Mischief and Weekend at Bernie’s). In this interview we talk about Night of the Comet by Thom Eberhardt (released in USA on 16 November 1984): about getting the role of Reggie Belmont, first day on set, working with Kelli Maroney, Robert Beltran and the director Thom Eberhardt, about unforgettable scenes, fighting a zombie, dancing, improvised lines and inspiring movie heroines – and, of course, that’s not all. These unusual times inspired me to add some questions to this interview, and thus Catherine Mary Stewart speaks also about living in the times of pandemics and her plans for the times when it’s over.


13) An interview with Petra Yared (“Sky Trackers”, “Mirror, Mirror”)

Petra 1

Nikki Colbert from “Sky Trackers”, time traveller Jo in “Mirror, Mirror” and warm-hearted Layla from “MDA” – and these are just a few roles in her rich filmography. In our interview Petra Yared reveals some secrets from the making of the cult youth TV series, goes back to her significant roles and speaks about some of the acting challenges she had to deal with. You will get to know which costumes she kept after filming and which movies and series she watches with her children. All this and much more in my newest “remote talk”!


12) An interview with Robert J. Harris (the creator of “Talisman”, writer and storyteller)

bob b pic 1

If you think of the things that managed to become cult ones, one of them is definitely a board game called Talisman, played and loved by myriads of fans all over the world. All those who play or used to play Talisman probably know the secrets of the game, others may have heard the title, but how much do we really know about its author? In my newest “remote talk” I had a chance to talk to the man behind it all – Robert J. Harris, the creator of Talisman, an accomplished writer, a great storyteller and interlocutor, as you can see for yourself reading this interview. What does Talisman have to do with school? Who could play Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the movie version of the game and which character would suit Emily Blunt? What was the first game that impressed Robert J. Harris? What are his favourite books, comics and films? How was it like working with Jane Yolen on young adult novels? And what on earth is “Quantum Fridge Audio”? The answers to all these questions (and even more) can’t wait to meet you, so don’t keep them waiting and start reading 😉


11) An interview with Kara Conway (singer, songwriter)

Kara 4

After a long break I’m back with a brand new interview. I talk to Kara Conway – a young, beautiful and incredibly talented singer and songwriter from Scotland. She does not only record awesome covers of greatest hits by famous artists, like Amy Macdonald, Birdy, Bruce Springsteen or Adele, but also writes and sings her own songs. We talk about her inspirations, her favourite music, writing lyrics and unforgettable concerts. Kara will also share with you some ways to keep both your body and soul warm during winter. Check this promising artist because she definitely deserves more attention. I’m sure we’ll soon have a chance to hear about her more often.


10) A Christmas interview with Karolina Rivera-Osorio


For Christmas time I’m posting a special Christmas interview. Karolina Rivera-Osorio is a very talented young artistic soul from USA. She sings, plays several instruments and dances. As her mom comes from Honduras, I asked her to say a few words about celebrating Christmas there. We talk also about Christmas carols, dishes and a good way to truly experience the Christmas joy.


9) An interview with Zan Campbell (Fell and Fair)


Close your eyes. Imagine Rangers of the North in their green hoods running through the dark wood with their bows ready. Imagine noble warriors of Rohan with the blades of their swords shining in the summer sun. Imagine a fair shieldmaiden of great beauty and courage equal to it. Now open your eyes and see how they all come to life. Zan Campbell and his fellowship, known as Fell and Fair, bring your favourite stories, legends and myths into reality. They make costumes and equipment, enrich their knowledge and gather people who share common passion, virtues and commitment. And they go on adventures. What are Fell and Fair? How did they come into being? Who can join them? The answers to these questions you will find in this interview. Zan Campbell will also tell you about Fell and Fair’s funny and dangerous moments, his first contact with Tolkien’s books, favourite literature and flying helicopters.


8) An interview with Candice Heiden (roller skater, coach)


When the music video to “Sweet Lovin’” by Sigala immediately became one of the most popular clips on YouTube, a lot of people were wondering who the incredible girl rollerskating in it was. Since I first watched it, I had been one of them, too, so I wanted to know more about this amazing person. Making this interview was really making one of my dreams come true. She’s a world class champion with a lot of experience, an accomplished roller skater who has been featured in hugely popular music videos, and she’s always managed to have fun and find pleasure in what she’s been doing. We talk about the beginnings of her career, her greatest successes, the unique atmosphere at the rinks, roller skaters’ camaraderie and her craziest ideas. Candice Heiden will also take you behind the scenes of the music videos we can watch her skating in and share a few words of advice for those who have just started roller skating.


7) An interview with Lorhana Amaral


A TV journalist, a host of entertainment shows and music events, an actress and a blogger. She likes skateboarding and riding rollerblades. She loves art. She supports charities, but at the same time would really love to play a villain in a Brazilian soap opera. Straight from Rio de Janeiro – Lorhana Amaral. We talk not only about her career, but also about Brazilian music, telenovelas and the upcoming Olympic Games.


6) An interview with Aleksandra Rudzińska (speed climber)


The person I’d like to present in my newest interview showed, more than once, that she can rule on a climbing wall. Ola Rudzińska is a three times World Youth Champion (female B, A, junior), the 2014 Bronze Medalist of World Championship and the European Vice-Champion from 2012. If you don’t know what sport climbing is about or how fast one can get to the top of a climbing wall, you must read this interview. If you already know all this, it’s even better, all the more reason for you to read it😉 You’ll get to know how it all began for Ola, what her favourite place to compete is and which superheroine she would become if she had such a chance.


5) An interview with Jamin and Kiowa Winans – the creators of “Ink”


This time I would like to present an interview from my archives. It’s a written version of an interview I made via Skype in January 2011 with the creators of the movie Ink – Jamin and Kiowa Winans. When I watched Ink I immediately thought that I would like to talk to the artists behind it some day. Although the movie was made outside big Hollywood studios, it soon became very popular, gaining millions of viewers all over the world and very good opinions from the critics. Recently, they released another great, thought provoking movie, The Frame. You should check this one, too. What film directors inspire them? Can a small budget be helpful? Is it easier to make a soundtrack when you are both a director and a composer? How was a memorable scene with Jacob triggering the series of events made? What do they know about the Polish cinema? What charity project did they support i n Bulgaria? All these and even more you can find in this interview with Jamin and Kiowa Winans. Please check this blast from the past 😉


4) An interview with Damian SyjonFam


The album of the band ComeYah that he was a singer of, sold out in a few months. The band very quickly gained respect and stole the hearts of the listeners. His debut solo album “Wracam do domu” („I’m going back home”) was also well-received. “Music coming from the heart… Music that lets us move to another world”, “Great music, it’s moved my heart”, I haven’t heard such a positive song for a long time”, “Oh, this music sets my mind at rest… and this voice”, “This song makes me so full of joy that every time I hear it, I dance. This is my dance of freedom”, “This song is very catchy. In a moment my neighbours will come, cause I make them listen to one song all day long” – these are just some of the many enthusiastic comments that can be found below the music video to the song “Powstanie” („There will appear”) that has already been watched on YouTube more than 900 000 times. Despite his success and rising popularity of his music, Damian has remained himself – a sincere, true and friendly man. Here comes my next guest in the cycle “Remote Talk” – Damian SyjonFam.


3) An interview with Tess Kielhamer


A woman of many talents – a martial artist, a dancer and choreographer, an actress and a model. Black Canary, Lara Croft or Knuckles from Slug Street Scrappers – all these roles in independent but at the same time very succesful productions brought her great popularity and respect among fans from all over the world. In the videos she makes for her YouTube channel she does not only teach martial arts but also answers the questions from fans in her unique, witty way. At the same time she is a really nice, modest person (as all my interlocutors so far, I must say). By the way, today she celebrates her birthday, so you can send her birthday wishes – you will find the link to her FB page below the interview. Although she was really busy this summer, she managed to devote some time to answer my questions in this “remote talk”. Check what she says about her films, martial arts, dancing and her hobbies. How did her first martial arts class look? Does she like films about dancing? What is her advice for Hollywood producers? Read the interview and you will know.


2) An interview with Tamara Laurel


Her debut EP “Lightning”, released this year, immediately gained great popularity, becoming one of the most often played albums on Jamendo. Since then she has managed to gain the hearts of many listeners from all over the world. In the past she did gymnastics (with successes) and travelled all over the world with musicals. She wrote her first song in the III grade, during a math lesson. Although she sings mostly folk, she listens to Eminem before the shows and in her free time she likes to freestyle from time to time. One of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard and one of the most interesting people I’ve ever talked to. Please, read an interview with TAMARA LAUREL.


1) An interview with Mariusz Migałka (Circle of Bards, Mr. Hyde)

Mariusz Migałka Fot.Edyta Migałka

A proof that you don’t have to look for interesting artists very far. My first interlocutor is Mariusz Migałka. On the one hand, he revives the tradition of bards, singing songs about dragons, knights and drakkar voyages, on the other hand, he doesn’t keep off playing rock music full of energy. If you haven’t known him yet, read the interview, listen to the music and wait for his new albums.


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