Every interview will be accompanied by the list of “recommendations” made by my interlocutors – e.g. songs worth listening to, books worth reading, films worth watching. The recommendations will appear the day following the day each of the interviews is published.


Recommended 4 – Damian SyjonFam


I asked Damian to recommend a few songs for people who would like to start listening to reggae music. Here are his recommendations.




Recommended 3 – films with Tess Kielhamer

1186029_188953507943608_1153557771_nThis time I would like to recommend something.

Below, you will find the list of the films with Tess Kielhamer and her martial arts sampler –  a little appendix to the interview.

This list doesn’t include Super Power Beat Down episode, the link to which I have already posted in the interview. Watch and enjoy 🙂






Recommended 2 – Tamara Laurel

383341_192157907598575_1326184321_nI asked Tamara Laurel to recommend a few “girl with the guitar”- type singers that are worth knowing.

Which artists did she pick?

Tamara Laurel: Samantha Crain is someone I’ve just discovered through my drummer Lincoln.

She is so talented and has such a unique sound.

I also really like Brandy Clark, First Aid Kit, country artist Kacey Musgraves.


Below you will find a few songs by the artists recommended by Tamara Laurel – something for a good start.

Samantha Crain “Somewhere all the Time”




Recommended 1- by Mariusz Migałka (Circle of Bards, Mr.Hyde)

Mariusz Migałka Fot.Edyta Migałka








I asked Mariusz Migałka (Circle of Bards, Mr.Hyde) to recommend some artists playing folk (in different forms) and rock.

MM: I’m a flesh and blood rock and metal fan. Circle of Bards is the outcome of my experience with the kind of heavy metal that Blind Guardian or Rhapsody of Fire play and listening to the music of artists that combine these two trends. If I can recommend any artist from the circle of folk or so-called world music, I encourage you to study the music of Loreena McKennit or Blackmore’s Night, not to mention the obligatory Clannad. If someone drowns oneself in their music, he or she will certainly delve deeper into the subject and discover more great groups.
As a fan of rock I would advise you to start your journey from the classics, like Rainbow, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Whitesnake or Dio. I wouldn’t say no to the achievements of the bands like Jorn, Blind Guardian, Masterplan or Edguy. Personally, I also listen to heavier pieces: Slayer, Megadeth, Testament or Children of Bodom. I could list such bands endlessly… The truth is – if you drown yourself in this kind of music, you won’t be able to resist it – you’ll delve deeper and deeper, always searching for more. This is where the beauty of being a fan lies.Here are a few songs you can start your musical journey with:


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