An interview with Kara Conway (singer, songwriter)

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After a long break I’m back with a brand new interview. I talk to Kara Conway – a young, beautiful and incredibly talented singer and songwriter from Scotland. She does not only record awesome covers of greatest hits by famous artists, like Amy Macdonald, Birdy, Bruce Springsteen or Adele, but also writes and sings her own songs. We talk about her inspirations, her favourite music, writing lyrics and unforgettable concerts. Kara will also share with you some ways to keep both your body and soul warm during winter. Check this promising artist because she definitely deserves more attention. I’m sure we’ll soon have a chance to hear about her more often.

The Christmas time is over, but here, in Poland, we traditionally sing Christmas carols till the beginning of February, so let me go back to Christmas for a moment. Do you have your favourite Christmas carols or Christmas songs? Do you sing any?

Ah, in the UK it’s the opposite; Christmas songs start playing right after Halloween and stop soon after Christmas day! My favourite Christmas songs are “Walking in the Air” and “Fairytale of New York”, though I used to sing in choirs so I know my fair share of carols!

We’re talking at the beginning of the New Year. Did you make any resolutions when the clock struck twelve and 2018 began? Could you share any of them with the readers?

I didn’t – I don’t really do the whole “New Year, New Me” thing!

And what about 2017? Were there any moments in music, any outstanding songs, albums or performances that will stay in your memory for long? Did you discover any interesting artists last year?

The album I listened to most was Lorde’s Melodrama! I also got to see a couple of my favourite artists live! Interesting artists … Kathryn Joseph and Jade Bird.

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It’s my little tradition to ask artists about their beginnings. It may be a little difficult question, but maybe you’ll manage to find the answer in your memory: who was the first artist that impressed you when you were a little girl? What was your first favourite song back then?

I loved The Sound of Music so anything Julie Andrews!

And what about now? What are you mostly listening to? Which artists are the most often guests on your playlists?

Most often on my playlist would have to be: Graham Nash, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Amy MacDonald and Gabrielle Aplin.

Do you remember the very beginning of your musical journey? When was the first time you thought you would like to sing and make music?

I’ve played piano since I was little, but it wasn’t until I went to high school that I really got into music. While I was there I had two great music teachers that were really encouraging about the singing.

You sing, but you also play the guitar. Do you remember the first piece of music you learnt to play on your guitar? When was that?

It was Oasis’ “Wonderwall” and that was two and a half years ago!

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And what was your first ‘bigger‘ performance like? A concert at school? A performance for your family or friends? Or maybe something completely different?

It was probably doing a solo performance at the school’s Christmas concert!

I remember that Birdy, one of the artists you cover, once sang some of her songs at Amsterdam Central Station, surprising the passengers waiting there for their trains. I was lucky enough to catch the final part of it and watch it live on Facebook. Have you ever sung in any unusual places or situations? Or maybe you have taken part in some unusual concert as a listener?

The most unusual concert I’ve been to was a Tommy Emmanuel one because we were watching him play guitar for a couple of hours – which you would think might get a bit much after a while – but he was just doing the most incredible things! It was amazing!

You’ve already covered several great songs, including “Wings” by Birdy, Amy Macdonald’s “This is the Life”or Bruce Springsteen’s classic “I’m on Fire”. When I listened to all of them one by one, I realized how diverse your choice was and how wide a palette of vocal possibilities you have. Which of the song you’ve covered so far has given you most pleasure, most satisfaction?

At the time they’ve all given me a sense of accomplishment. Some of the songs I had really liked and wanted to learn for myself, others I hadn’t been sure of but had been asked to do and ended up really liking them!


And what is on the top of your “must-sing” list as far as the future covers go?

Definitely some Amy Winehouse!

We’ve talked about your cover versions of famous hits. Let’s move on to your original songs. You’re not only a singer, but also a songwriter. What or who inspires you to write lyrics?

I’m inspired by things that have happened to me as well as people watching!

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Could you share some of your writing process secrets with the readers and tell us in a few words the stories of the lyrics to “Dreamers in Disguise” and “Bitter”?

One was written on piano and the other on guitar! “Dreamers in Disguise” is about a couple of different things and “Bitter” is about someone I was frustrated with!

In both of your original songs available on YouTube there’s quite a lot of sadness and contemplative atmosphere, I would say (although, of course, I find also other emotional shades there). Is it the kind of mood you would like to stick to in your music, or are you planning to try also something completely different?

I think that was the right mood for those songs, but I don’t restrict myself to that.

By the way, can we count on your next original song any time soon?

Yes, there’s one going up very very soon!

Amy Macdonald, one of the artists you’re covering (and one of my favourite artists, too), won the hearts of the listeners all over the world when she was about 20. When you think of young Scottish singers, who would you say can be the next such a star? Of course I wish you to be one in the near future J But what about other young Scottish talents worth noticing?

Check out Sara ‘N’ Junbug!

Some of your fans wrote in the comments on FB that you should go to “X-Factor”. Have you thought about starting in this, or any similar, talent show? What do you think about such TV shows in general? Can they give young artists a chance to get some more recognition?

I’ve auditioned for “The Voice” before and didn’t get through, but it’s not something I had set all my hopes on – I think you have to be realistic about those sorts of shows. But yeah, there are a small number of people who have gone on to achieve great success from them.


If you were to imagine your inner musical world as a magical land, what would it look like? What would a traveller to such a land see while visiting it?

Lots of glitter!

And, in one sentence, what is music for you? 


Apart from music, what do you love or like doing? What are your hobbies, passions? What do you do when you have some free time?

I love running and spin classes!

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Coming to an end of our interview, I’d like to ask you about something different. We’re talking during winter and in some parts of the world this particular winter is really harsh. What’s your way to stay warm and healthy during winter’s freezing cold?

Warm cadies and hot water bottles!

That’s something for the body. What about the spirit? Which song (or songs) would you recommend to keep our hearts warm during wintry days?

I only discovered this recently, but Hannah Grace’s cover of “Praise You”!

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Thank you very much for this “remote talk”. I hope more people will get to know about you and your music and I’ll be definitely looking forward for your new original songs and covers 🙂

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I used screenshots from Kara Conway’s YouTube clips and photos from Kara’s private archives (by her permission) – for which, and a chance to make this interview I’m really grateful – thank you so much, Kara 🙂 All photo copyrights belong to their respective owners.

by Łukasz Garbol, January 2018